Ought is an AI controller that makes fully autonomous vehicles and defence systems safer by ensuring they operate as intended.

If meaningful human control is ever blocked, our product is able to safely take full control of motion and power in autonomous systems until intended operation is restored. The Ought controller is also able to directly disable or destroy AI systems as protection against internal or external subversion and other technical failures that lead to unintended consequences.

The controller itself is a physical hardware and software module with plug and play interfaces for land, sea, air and space platforms in domains where unintended consequences from the use of fully autonomous systems represents a risk to life.


We are all experiencing more AI in our lives but progress brings a new challenge. We are learning that advanced AI is capable of determining goals, beyond those that were specified, which could be harmful and obscuring such goals from us. Unintended consequences from the use of AI is a problem that cannot be ignored when autonomous vehicles face life threatening scenarios daily and global defence organizations pursue their own fully autonomous capabilities.

Until a generally robust and trusted solution for full autonomy is available, the objective of convenient sustainable, cheaper and safer transport cannot scale. Beyond civilian vehicles, UK and allied defence forces face being cognitively overwhelmed by AI-enabled technologies. New challenges of materially different threat volume and speed now exist in defence where in-loop approaches risk being ineffective and counter-fratricide measures require new solutions.


Self-driving vehicles are projected to generate £41.7B for the UK economy by 2035 and the US annual DoD budget will reach $797B as of 2024. Hybrid Vision has generated exclusive patent rights for the Ought computer-implemented invention in the UK (GB2588697) and US (11,733,697) with Australia (2021215370) set for allowance in support of AUKUS.

Patents protecting the AI controller are exploitable by partners under license or sale with exclusive UK and USA coverage available now with Australian coverage in Q4-2023. Our company prioritizes support for continued UK and allied security and prosperity and you can make Contact or visit us onsite at UK BattleLab.