OughtAI provides hardened assurance for autonomous systems.

Think of the safety fuse in a plug or outlet. OughtAI delivers automatic control to instantly render compromised systems safe – just like a fuse. It also uses vulnerability alerts to predict unintended consequences before they occur, maximizing user confidence and regulatory compliance.


More agentic and general AI brings seismic advantages along with greater risks of product liability, reputation loss and collateral damage. AI can malfunction and adversaries are keen to attack vulnerabilities. Securing meaningful human control has become imperative to enable trust in autonomy.

Commercial objectives for more convenient, cheaper and safer autonomous mobility cannot scale when customers lack trust. Defence users require the highest standard of assurance when threats are most acute. OughtAI delivers on both use cases for the first time with a uniquely novel approach.


Global defence spending increased by 9% to a record $2.2tn during 2023. UK industry business with MoD has topped £25bn and the overall US DoD budget stands at $841bn in 2024. By 2035, civilian autonomous driving alone is set to create $400bn of revenue. Assurance is in demand.

Hybrid Vision AI assurance technology and services are underpinned by granted patents across UK, US and Australia. Our mission supports AUKUS security and prosperity with IPR available to select clients across defence, aerospace, commercial marine, automotive and mining. Make contact to discuss your assurance requirements and unlock safe full autonomy.