Ought AI makes autonomous military systems safer by ensuring meaningful human control is always maintained.

If control is blocked or lost, our product will automatically generate vulnerability warnings or direct motion and power in autonomous systems to render them safe. Ought AI is also able to disable or destroy autonomous systems to mitigate subversion and other failure modes that lead to unintended consequences.

Ought AI itself is a physical hardware and software module with a standardized interface for land, sea, air and space platforms in domains where unintended consequences from the use of autonomous systems risks unintended harm and other undesirable costs.


We are experiencing increasingly agentic and more general AI in our lives but progress brings new challenges. We’re learning that advanced AI is capable of generating potentially harmful goals beyond those specified and using deception or coercion to obscure them from us. Equally, adversaries are keen to attack vulnerabilities and subvert autonomous systems using novel approaches. Ultimately, assurance from unintended consequences arising from autonomous military systems is a fundamental challenge for defense when democratic societies demand that meaningful human control must be perpetuated.

Until a generally robust and trusted solution for full autonomy with continual human control is available, broad objectives for convenient sustainable, cheaper and safer mobility cannot scale safely. Beyond civilian applications, defence forces face being overwhelmed by novel threats of materially different threat volume and speed where in-loop approaches risk being ineffective and counter-fratricide measures require new solutions. Approaches for control must keep pace with innovation.


Defence spending with UK industry by the Ministry of Defence has topped £25bn for the first time and the US DoD budget stands at $841bn for 2024. Global defence spending increased by 9% to a record $2.2tn during 2023. In support of autonomous system assurance innovation, Hybrid Vision has generated and been granted exclusive IPR for the Ought AI computer-implemented invention in the UK (GB2588697), US (11,733,697) and Australia (2021215370) in support of AUKUS.

The Ought AI technology is exploitable by selected partners and our company prioritizes support for continued UK and allied security and prosperity. Make contact to learn more.