I understand learners, virtual spaces and the effective consumption of digital content through an interaction design background focused on human behaviours with technology. My user-centred approach with digital has resulted in award-winning content that delivers positive and productive experiences. I now lead global learning technology projects for Specsavers having previously enabled solutions in the UK for the NHS and education sector.

My professional background is learning technology change/innovation management and consultancy in both the public and the private sector including time at a digital agency. I’ve successfully launched sveral enterprise digital L&D platforms and I always look to reimagine turn-key products to better suit business needs. I can also design innovative and effective digital learning content for total package solutions. My use of mobile learning, interaction and gamification strategies achieves organisational objectives on a global scale, particularly for people development and compliance/mandatory training. It’s also vital to be in-tune with learning data and I’ve leveraged tools such as TinCan in new ways to ensure content is always productive for the end-user.

My academic background includes a first-class honours degree, a Masters, a PhD nomination and a European Regional Funding Award for my interaction design in 2011. I investigate ‘simulated experience in technologically mediated environments’ and my research in these spheres often references publications by Dr. Jonathan Steuer, a New Media pioneer (see the Research page). When time allows I lead interactive projects through R&D company Hybrid Vision Ltd (founded in 2005). 

Thanks for taking the time to read through this site, I look forward to making new connections.

Simon Poole-Anderson